We offer a wide range of solutions that can be customized to meet your inventory management and procurement activity needs. From simple point-of-use (POU) replenishment and vending solutions, to complete tool crib management programs—we can assist in improving your productivity.


Point-of-use or Kanban bins can be set up in strategic areas throughout your plant to help provide access to parts without walking across the shop floor. Items can be barcoded and scanned for replenishment. POU replenishment can be a good option for low-value items or in areas where security of inventory is not a concern.


Vending is great solution to help provide additional security and accountability of items placed on the shop floor. Traditional vending solutions dispense tools, maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies and other consumable goods. With the advanced software, the entire transaction is tracked by employee, job, department and/or work order. The software measures inventory levels and automates the reordering process, making supply chain management a breeze. Traditional vending offerings include coil dispensing machines, carousel dispensing machines, weight stations, locker bays and multi-store locker bay cabinets.


The carousel dispensing machine takes up very little space, has the flexibility to handle multiple sized products, is easily reconfigured and provides single-item dispensing securely.


  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Critical alerts and automated order levels
  • Flexible, automatic reordering
  • Tracking and reporting with multi-category usage and accounting with up to 6 user-defined classifications


  • Reduce unauthorized access or incorrect usage by limiting access to items
  • Improve item issue efficiency by issuing closer to job sites
  • Improve machine usage by minimizing downtime because of inventory shortage
  • Automated replenishment with direct communication to your distributors


Our software is a web-based material management application that provides a complete supply chain solution. Combined with our material management team’s experience and project support, E&R Industrial continues to provide and implement cost effective solutions to our customers. This software is a helpful inventory management solution in central stores or cribs where products are inventoried and disbursed, in expeditor programs that provide for auto replenishment of inventory, Kanban and point-of-use applications that allow the customer to initiate product reorders.
The robust database application and extensive functionality allows customers to manage the following:

  • Product inventory identification, standardization and stock status
  • Seamless product replenishment and automated purchasing
  • Product inventory levels, pricing and reorder points
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Billing and order tracking
  • Job cost accounting


  • Fill gaps between systems
  • Provide visibility and integration
  • Offer consolidated information views
  • Empower user reporting tools with standard, ad-hoc, private and shared reporting capabilitie
  • Easily integrate with other systems
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Maintain existing resources
  • Eliminate additional hardware/software purchases
  • Reduce IT resource needs

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